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The Mindset School for Soulful Entrepreneurs with Natalie Ottosen | Life Coaching: Tools for Transformation (Part 1)

31. Life Coaching: Tools for Transformation (Part 1)


I’ve been on my spiritual and entrepreneurial journey for almost 17 years now. I’ve dabbled in a few different modalities in that time and gained lots of valuable insights into each of them. So, if you’re looking for new tools on your healing journey, or you’re trying to decide which modalities will best serve your clients, the next few episodes are for you, starting with today’s episode on life coaching.


Life coaching is one of the things that has transformed my life and the lives of the people I work with the most. If you feel like what you want to create in your life simply isn’t achievable, life coaching is an amazing tool and, by the end of today’s show, you’ll understand why.


Tune in this week to discover what first intrigued me about life coaching and how it is a powerful modality for transformation. I’m discussing what life coaching is, what it definitely isn’t, and I’m sharing the alchemy that happens when coaching is fused with cosmic wisdom.


If you want a deeper understanding of how to process heavy emotion, dive into your astrology chart, discover your shortcut to enlightenment, or you’re looking for energy healing, click here to learn more about how I can help you!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I discovered the incredible power of life coaching.

  • The transformative alchemy of combining life coaching with cosmic wisdom like astrology.

  • How coaching helps you reach your highest potential.

  • Why life coaching is not a substitute for therapy, or a shortcut to bypass life’s challenges.

  • How life coaching helps you find the answers to your biggest problems.

  • What you need to do to make the most of any coaching you receive.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi, I’m Natalie Ottosen and you are listening to The Mindset School for Soulful Entrepreneurs, episode number 31.

Welcome to The Mindset School podcast, a show for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to stop feeling stuck, reconnect to their soul’s purpose, and create a deeply fulfilling life and business. I’m Natalie Ottosen, transformational life coach, and reconnection healing foundational practitioner, and I can help you scale and grow a six-figure business from a place of inner authority, wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur and you are looking to take that first step towards your dream of running your own business, this is the show for you. Ready to step into your power and move forward with clarity and purpose? Let’s go.

Hello my beautiful soul family, my soul sisters, welcome back. I wanted to spend the next couple episodes, the next couple of weeks talking about different modalities. So as spiritual entrepreneurs, I have been on this journey for almost 17 years now. And along that process I have dabbled in all sorts of different things, including life coaching and astrology and energy healing and mediumship and all of the things, you name it. So I wanted to break down some of these modalities because they might intrigue you and might help make a decision moving towards one of these for yourself.

So I wanted to talk about today, I wanted to start off this several week series with life coaching. Because life coaching is one of those things that has truly transformed my life and has transformed the lives of my clients as well. So the journey all began actually with a family member of mine who wanted to move forward in her life but was struggling because she didn’t really fit in the therapy box anymore, but knew she needed to take some steps to move herself forward.

And so I had suggested that she see a coach and she started working with a magnificent coach in Utah. And through that process her life started to transition and change. And it was so exciting to see the process, that I became very intrigued myself. Now, we had moved halfway across the country at his time, and so I had asked her where she had done her training. And she had done her training at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to become a transformational life coach. I loved her methods. I loved the way she coached her clients.

I loved how she brought the energy healing and the more spiritual side to the coaching aspect. And so I started that route, but I didn’t just do life coaching. I was doing astrology and I ended up getting certified in reiki at the same time. So I am a certified life coach. I am a certified astrologist and I am a certified reiki practitioner but it’s more than just reiki on the energy healing side. I have dabbled into a few different modalities on that as well, which I am so excited to talk to you about in an upcoming episode.

So today, like I said, I wanted to talk about the transformative alchemy of life coaching, especially when it’s infused with cosmic wisdom such as astrology and human design, energy healing and even mindfulness practices. So let’s light some sage, align our chakras and jump in.

So this first part I wanted to talk about is kind of this alchemy of life coaching. So what is it and what is it not? Life coaching is like a spiritual GPS that guides you towards your highest potential. It’s not my highest potential. It’s the potential that you see in yourself. I was interviewed on a podcast recently and the podcaster had asked me what I see in people before they see in themselves. And so much of the time it’s their potential. You have all of the wisdom, information, knowledge, truth, all of it, living right inside of you.

And it is such a gift to be able to have somebody help guide you to your own truth that lives right inside of you. So life coaching provides actionable tools for your transformation process. So what is not life coaching? It is number one, not a substitute for therapy. Nor is it a shortcut to bypass life’s challenges. A life coach, we’re not here to fix you. We are here to guide you in unlocking your own inner wisdom. Because I truly believe, and I have believed this for as long as I can remember, that you truly do have all the answers inside of you.

And in fact actually funny enough, my mentor says this as well is that you don’t want me making decisions for you. I am just here to help guide you towards your own decisions, your own knowledge, your own truth and your own inner wisdom. So how can transformative life coaching impact your life?

Number one, it can bring clarity and focus. So imagine sailing through foggy waters, a life coach serves as a lighthouse, helping you navigate with purpose. Many moons ago, so, years ago when I started doing my vision boards, I put a lighthouse in the middle of my page because I wanted to be a guide.

I wanted to help guide people to their own spirituality, to their own knowledge, to their own truth, to their own answers. Because I’d spent so many years not having those for myself or having people tell me what I should do or how I should do it, that I wanted to help guide people through that process for themselves. So coaching is really about helping you gain clarity and focus.

Number two, it’s also about accountability. This isn’t about finger pointing. It’s about empowering you to make conscious choices that align with your own goals. So I have said this so many times throughout this podcast already. One of the things that I love to do the very most is what is called the value survey with my clients. It’s looking at the values that matter the very most to you and helping you define those. And then a coach is here to help you stay accountable to those values that are most important to you.

So as you are making decisions in your life, is this in alignment ultimately, with who you are and where you want to go? And I will tell you, before I started the coaching journey I was very lost and confused about who I was. I had an idea, but as I started to peel back the layers, it started to get more and more clear about who I was, what I wanted, where I wanted to go, who I wanted to be, how I wanted to help this world. And ultimately the impact and the legacy I wanted to leave behind for people and for my family.

Number three is expanding perspective. Sometimes our vision narrows and for many reasons. Maybe we’re dealing with something personally, professionally, whatever it happens to be, but sometimes that vision of what we want or where we’re going kind of narrows. A life coach helps us broaden our horizon, offering insights that can be revolutionary. And again, this is not about having the answers for you. This is about helping bring out the brilliance inside of you again, helping you really define those values.

Every time I have done that value survey with a client, they have always come back to me and said how important and impactful that was to that session or how important and impactful that has been for their lives. And a few other things that I like to do in my coaching sessions is I bring in the energy healing piece. I bring in the astrology and human design piece where we really tap into who you are, your own blueprint, which I want to jump more into.

I know I’ve done a little bit on the astrology, but I want to jump more into that in the next episode where I’ll give you kind of my top five pieces that I bring out in an astrology session when I work with my clients. But it does really help you move into that 10,000 foot view and see things from a higher perspective or a higher vantage point. Again, this is one of, I believe my gifts is that I’m able to see that potential sometimes before my client can.

And so really helping my client really expand that perspective for themselves so that they can move towards what it is that they want to move towards. Or that’s always been in their heart’s desire and to kind of get the blocks out of the way in order to achieve that. So another part of coaching is really setting realistic expectations. So some realistic expectations that you can set when you do have a coach that you’re working with. And one of those things is customization and flexibility.

Your journey is as unique as your fingerprint. A coach, a good coach is going to help tune in to that individuality and adjust approaches to resonate with your being, who you are. Again, some of those pieces that I love to bring into coaching sessions is the energy healing, is the astrology and the human design. So we can see how what is going on in your life relates to you very specifically. We all have different suns, moons and rising signs as well as north nodes. And we all have different Saturns which are our life lessons. Again, I’m going to jump into all of this in the next episode, so stay tuned.

All of us are different. We all have our unique blueprints. We all have this unique fingerprint that shapes and guides us along this way. And sometimes we’re in the low road of those things and sometimes we’re in the high road of those things. And so as a coach who is able to kind of customize and be flexible with that, for my clients. I can look at this and say, “Are you stepping into the low road? Are you taking the high road on this?” And helping create the appropriate approach for you moving forward.

The other thing about expectations with coaching is that it’s a two-way commitment. So many times we put our, again this kind of goes back to that accountability piece where we put that commitment on the coach that it’s somebody else’s responsibility to give us our results in our life. But the truth is it’s our own commitment and it’s our responsibility to achieve the results that we want in our life. And as a coach, I’m not always going to tell you what you want to hear. I’m going to help guide you, but I’m going to be a neutral space for you.

And that may mean that I’m not necessarily taking your side where I’m going to question, what does this mean for you? How is this showing up for you? Is this something that’s serving you anymore? And how would you like to take this and be able to move forward? So a life coach invests deeply in your growth. As a life coach, I invest deeply in your growth. However, your commitment is equally vital and that means showing up. And that means doing the work. And that means questioning your own belief systems. And by the way, we all have them.

We have been programmed our whole life. That’s one of the things I love about the four agreements is Don Miguel Ruiz kind of jumps into that and talks about questioning everything, but your commitment, it is just as much your commitment as it is your coach’s.

So number three is tangible results. So yes, it is about the journey, absolutely. And it’s also important not to overlook the destination. So being able to have concrete results, that is ultimately what we’re aiming for. So those are some expectations you can have with your coach.

So some of the key pieces that, as I’ve already kind of mentioned and I want to talk a little bit more about this. So some of the key pieces that I bring into my coaching sessions with my clients are astrology and human design. So the astrological relationship, a couple elements that we dive into is your sun sign, which might tell us what fuels you. But your moon is what influences your emotional realm. And Saturn is all about your life lessons.

And let’s not forget, the north node episode that I did not that long ago, which is your shortcut to enlightenment. So we go in and we weave this cosmic tapestry into our coaching journey together.

Another piece that I love to add in is human design because in astrology and human designs, I had huge permissions. In human design I am a manifesting generator. I am a 2-4 manifesting generator. So I am an intro extrovert and one of the biggest permissions that I receive as a manifesting generator is that I get to do all of the things all at the same time. And then I get to release and let go of the things that don’t serve me anymore. But it is so important for me to try these things on and see how they feel for me. And once it doesn’t resonate with me anymore, I can let it go.

I was always told growing up that I didn’t finish anything. And the truth is that I don’t have to. Once it doesn’t work with me, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t pick it back up at a later point in time. But at that time, it doesn’t resonate with me anymore. So being able to understand your type, your centers, your channels, helps me as a coach, personalize and optimize your sessions for life coaching.

The other thing that I bring into my coaching sessions is energy healing and mindfulness. This is kind of going beyond the basics. I will talk more about energy healing in an upcoming episode as well. But energy healing is more than just clearing blockages. Energy healing serves as a transformational catalyst, often revealing hidden layers of ourselves. So when I’m able to go in there and work with some of that energy, I’m able to release that and open you up so that you are able to move through maybe an emotion that you’re feeling through blocked energy, whatever that ends up looking like for you.

And there are many faces of mindfulness, and I have gone through this a lot. So I talk a lot about this in the first three episodes of my podcast series. And I will talk more about this because there are so many different mindfulness techniques, breathwork, meditation. And all these that uniquely serve your own growth. One of the things that has absolutely changed and transformed my life was meditation and doing my morning routine. And again, I talk about that in one of the earlier episodes.

But the mindfulness practice, bringing all of that in with coaching as well. It can open you up to new and expanded spaces for yourself on your spiritual journey. And as you’re moving towards building your spiritual business or becoming a spiritual entrepreneur or just maybe adding a modality to what it is that you’re already doing. So it ends up becoming kind of this symphony of cosmic and practical tools. So we kind of have this synergistic healing where astrology and human design meet energy healing and mindfulness.

And again, it’s like this symphony where each instrument enhances the other and it ends up creating this beautiful holistic transformation. And this isn’t just about outward results, but inward shifts, transforming not just your actions, but your thoughts, your energy, and your soul’s vibration. Which is the journey I’ve been on for the last 17 years. And I have had the beautiful privilege of helping so many clients along the way.

I have beautiful testimonials from so many clients about moving from a job that they hate, a relationship that they’re unfulfilled. A path that isn’t lighting them up to doubling incomes to having the relationship of their dreams to pursuing goals and aspirations that they never thought was possible for themselves.

So to wrap all this up, my beautiful spiritual warriors, I hope you now have a clearer picture of how life coaching is supercharged with these additional beautiful spiritual modalities that you can dabble into yourself. Can make your journey towards transformation not just impactful but profoundly enlightening. So if this episode lit up your inner sky, don’t hesitate to share it with your community and hit the subscribe button for more soul-nourishing content. So until next week, keep your vibrations high and your intentions pure and I will see you next week. All my love. 

Thank you for joining me for this week’s episode of The Mindset School. Ready to dive deeper into finding your purpose and create a deeply fulfilling life? Visit for more guidance and resources. See you next week.

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