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Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available. You will receive instant access to the full course as well as the Soul Sister Society's online community forum.


You wouldn't run a marathon without training, would you?

Don't run the marathon of life without a solid foundation. This 4-week course is everything you need to create a consistent, daily routine that brings you into daily alignment. Learn the practice that has transformed my life and the lives of my clients! 

In 4 weeks you will…

  • Stay aligned to feelings of joy, confidence and fulfillment while manifesting your life on purpose
  • Feel empowered and set for success each day, no matter what life has in store for you 
  • See opportunities where you normally feel stuck, lost or unable to see a clear vision
  • Practice daily meditation, mindset and gratitude ritual that will keep you moving forward 
  • Witness change happen in your life without having to push, fight, force or exhaust yourself
  • Feel relieved with a practice that connects you to your higher powers, intuition and true energy 

Each week we will dive deep into a vital part of this foundation:

  1. Mindset & Mindfulness
  2. Meditation & Gratitude
  3. Affirmations & Visualizing Your Outcome
  4. Positive Reading

Bonus Segment: Intuition

Each week contains videos, guided meditations, affirmations, reading, reflection and step-by-step guidance to creating your daily practice. 

PLUS access to Soul Sister Society!  


What People Are Saying:

Wowww!! Natalie, YOU’RE SO GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO! You really made me think. This course was EXACTLY what I needed to convince myself and my mind what happened in my life in the past is not something I can control but the present moments is what I need to work on!!


This course solidified my daily spiritual practice for me. I never thought that I would be excited to wake up at 5 am each morning! But, here I am! Natalie makes it easy, exciting and fun! The meditations are all amazing! I use them in my daily life. In fact, one of them I use each night before I go to bed and I switch out the others in the morning. The instruction, information and journaling prompts are thought provoking and impactful. I am grateful that the course is designed to work with anyone's schedule. Since taking this course, I have little to NO anxiety, and I also received a big promotion at work that more than doubled my income. (Thank you affirmations!) The impacts that this course have made to my life are well worth the cost I paid. This course pays me back every single day. I HIGHLY recommend it. You will be lovingly guided to connecting with your soul and change your life in unexpected and positive ways!